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Bringing The Strength Of Norse God Magni
To The Cryptocurrency World

MagniSwap is the ultimate DeFi platform and it couldn't be easier to get your hands on the token in our pre-sale. You can buy directly using your card, or can use USDT or ETH already in your wallet. After the public presale ends, you'll be able to claim your purchased MAGNI using the claim page.

How To Buy
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What is MagniSwap?

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MagniSwap community will deliver cryptocurrency solutions that proffer opportunities while enhancing the growth and availability of crypto use cases. We hope to present financial solutions to lingering problems in the cryptocurrency and DeFi space and build an engaging community based on openness and trust to impact the world. Therefore, MagniSwap tokens will promote liquidity pool acquisition, staking, farming, and swapping for all users. The goal of our decentralized project is to provide innovations for holders, supporters, and the entire community.

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Vision and Mission

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To build a robust crypto community that allows members to participate in the decision-making process, and grants holders and community access to staking and farming and swap functions with their MAGNI token.

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Token Name




Total Supply


Presale Stage 1

08/08/2022 - 30/08/2022

Presale Stage 2

30/08/2022 - 01/11/2022

Presale Supply


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30% Presale

15% Staking

15% Farming

15% Swapping

10% Marketing

10% Development

5% Team

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Stage 1

  • Creation of token
  • Stage 1 of presale
  • BNB Chain development
  • Social Media and website creations

Stage 2

  • Listed on Coin Market Cap
  • Listed on Coin Gecko
  • Stage 2 of Presale
  • Audit

Stage 3

  • End of the presale
  • List on decentralised exchanges (DEX)
  • Development of Staking and Farming protocols
  • Launch of MAGNIDAO

Stage 4

  • MAGNISWAP launch
  • Release on other blockchains
  • 100,000 $MAGNI holders
  • Centralised exchange listing (CEX)
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How Do I Get $Magni?

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1. Make a wallet with MetaMask

To get your $Magni tokens you will first need to create a Metamask wallet or similar.

2. Purchase BNB and send it to your wallet

Once, this is set up, its time to purchase some BNB or ETH (Please be mindful of gas fees when selecting your network). Now that your wallet is loaded with the currency of your choosing, its time to buy your $MAGNI

3. Connect your wallet to MagniSwap

Connect your wallet and the pop up will let you select the trading pair you wish you use, then, use the box to select the amount of $MAGNI you wish to purchase and click the buy button.

4. Purchase $MAGNI

Your transaction will now have gone through, once the presale ends you will be able to locate your $MAGNI tokens by clicking the Receive button on the main website ( (

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